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What is " DO YOU KYOTO?"

 Do you know the phrase "DO YOU KYOTO?"

 It is a catchphrase sent to the world from Kyoto as the birthplace of the Kyoto Protocol which was adopted at the COP3 at the Kyoto International Conference Hall in 1997.
 It means"Are you doing something good for the environment?"

 We heard about these things from Angel Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, when she visited Kyoto in 2007 for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of COP3. This is a great honor for Kyoto, while at the same time making us feel strongly that we, City of Kyoto have a mission to take the lead in protecting the global environment.

Let's spread the ecological circle from Kyoto throughout the world using the catchphrase "Do you Kyoto?"

KYOTO is a global Catchword for ecology!

For example:
Lycée Kyoto:A high school in France whose buildings were
designed and material selected to be environmentally friendly.
※Clair Paris Report



 The city of Kyoto, based on the fact that the Kyoto Protocol entered into force on February 16, 2005, has designated the 16th of every month as"DO YOU KYOTO? Day"
(a day for doing something good for the environment).

 Some unified activities for Do You Kyoto? Day carried out by the citizens and businesses of Kyoto include No My Car Day (where people use public transportation instead of personal cars to commute to work etc), LightsDown (a request to turn off all outdoor lights throughout the Kyoto region), Kyoto Light Dinner (where patrons of restaurants can enjoy dinner by candlelight or oil-lamp light), and other activities.

The city of Kyoto asks for businesses and groups to participate in these activities.

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